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Ugly Stik Bluewater series rods

The excellent Ugly Stik Bluewater series from Shakespeare is a true offshore and reef rod, at an affordable price. Stands up to brutal punishment you would not expect at this price.

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Game fishing is a tough business that requires tough equipment, and nothing is as tough as the Ugly Stik Bluewater series. Built using the Howald Process, with longitudinal graphite fibers and a triple weave construction provides the foundation of strength that the bluewater series is built on.

With unparalleled excellence in game rod design the legendary Bluewater series is stronger, lighter and more responsive than ever before.

Add to this, hi-grade Fuji components and AFTCO rollers on selected trolling models and you have a range of rods that is ready to be fished to the gamefishing limit.

All Ugly Stiks feature blank-through-handle construction for added strength and sensitivity, Fuji guides and components, under-wrapped guides for durability and longevity and all Blanks are fully coated with epoxy for extra protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

USB-JOH5615 1.65m/5'6" 1 15kg M O/H
USB-JOH5624 1.65m/5'6" 1 24kg H O/H
USB-JOH5637 1.65m/5'6" 1 37kg XH O/H
USB-JSP5615 1.65m/5'6" 1 15kg M SPIN
USB-JSP5624 1.65m/5'6" 1 24kg H SPIN
USB-JSP5637 1.65m/5'6" 1 37kg XH SPIN
USB-SS701524 2.10m/7'0" 1 15-24kg H SPIN
USB-SS70610 2.10m/7'0" 1 6-10kg LM SPIN
USB-SS76815 2.25m/7'6" 1 8-15kg M SPIN
USB-SU561524 1.65m/5'6" 1 15-24kg H O/H
USB-SU56810 1.65m/5'6" 1 8-10kg LM O/H
USB-SU70815HL 2.10m/7'0" 1 8-15kg M O/H
USB-SU701524HL 2.10m/7'0" 1 15-24kg H O/H
Additional Information

Additional Information

Rod Type SPIN & OVERHEAD Models
Line Rating 8kg through to 37kg
Rod Pieces 1-Piece