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Halco RMG Scorpions (lures_scorpion)

Halco RMG Scorpions

The ultimate cast and retrieve lure with unique tight action and body roll that will mesmerise many species of sports fish. Featuring a light rattle and clear bib with Halco’s Bullet proof bib securing system for added strength when clearing snags.

The 90 is a “bite size” trolling and casting lure that swims at 10cm, 3 metres or 4 metres. Aided by its streamline butterknife tail it has a tight shimmy action and is buoyant enough to back off snags.

Available in three depths the Scorpion 150 is the ultimate Barra lure and has the entire water column covered!

Although mainly trolled, the 150 is a great casting lure for big salt and fresh water species. The "butterknife" tail aid in easy casting and the lure quickly descends to the depth engraved on the lure bib.

When trolling areas of structure, the buoyancy of the lure and the "butterknife" tail allow the lure to back off any snags after the line has been allowed to slacken off. It may not work every time but is essential when trolling down close to structure that may snag your lure.

The Crazy Deep dives to 8 metres and is believed to be the deepest diving lure in the world for its size. This lure utilises aerodynamic forces to create a downward lift and carry the lure very deep with only a small bib. It is pushing the boundaries of lure design and has to be technically perfect to achieve maximum depth.

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