Rovex Air Strike BRAID Special - 50lb 300yd Dark Green

Sensational special on Rovex Air Strike Braid

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This is a sensational special on Rovex Air Strike Braid, at 50lb breaking strain on a 300yd spool, in Dark Green colour.

Air Strike Braid is a recent release from Rovex. It utilises the latest in braid manufacturing technology, creating a high-performance line that offers incredible sensitivity and quick hook-sets. Air Strike Braid is made to be round, rather than flat, for smoother casting while still offering near-zero stretch and easy handling. It's made from 100% Dyneema fibres for the best possible strength to diameter ratio and has been tested to handle all saltwater and freshwater fishing scenarios. Air Strike Braid is Dark Green; the 150yd spools are available in six lines classes from 8lb to 50lb; the 300yd spools cover seven line classes from 8lb to 50lb.