FIN-NOR Bait Teaser Spin Reels - SPECIAL

Fin-Nor bait-runner style spin reels

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The legendary Fin-Nor saltwater-bred toughness and durability are just the start of the big-fish credentials of our new Bait Teaser spin reels. We have engaged our proven experience in producing the toughest saltwater reels to design a format that offers not only strength for fighting big angry saltwater fish, but also the subtle finesse of a Bait Teaser function that allows you to free-spool a bait with minimal resistance, so your target fish can bite and move on without suspicion before you crank the handle and set the hook. From there the sealed oversize carbon-fibre MegaDrag systems take over, backed up by the MegaLock infinite anti-reverse, four stainless steel shielded bearings and rigid body design, all combining to deliver the power and control you need to land quality fish such as snapper, kingfish, barramundi, fingermark, coral trout and other saltwater predators.

CodeModelBearingsLine CapacityGear Ratio
25134 Bait Teaser BT60 4 + 1 6lb/240m (mono); 30lb/260m (braid) 4.9:1
25135 Bait Teaser BT80 4 + 1 20lb/230m (mono); 30lb/420m (braid) 4.9:1