CONDOR 345C DF Colour Fish Finder - SPECIAL

The Condor 345C DF combines amazing depth capability with excellent fish detection, in 16-bit colour depth

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The new Condor 345c df colour depth sounder features Condor’s new exclusive MultiPulse technology. This new unit combines amazing depth capability with excellent fish detection. The 4.3” TFT LCD bright colour screen has 480 x 272 pixels, providing high resolution, clear and crisp colour images, and a 16-bit colour depth. The TFT technology makes it perfectly viewable in full sunlight or when wearing polarized sunglasses. The white dimmable LED backlighting allows the screen to be viewed clearly under any light conditions, which makes this unit especially suitable for night use.

The dual frequency 50/200kHz operation combines with an output power of 4000W peak (500W RMS) to provide a depth capability of more than 700m. A multiple level zoom function allows enlarging the image to any scale and sophisticated Fish ID recognition software displays the digital readout of the depth above fish symbols.

A convenient window menu system makes using the Condor 345c df extremely simple and intuitive, guiding the user through all the advanced functions of the unit. Each function can be easily and conveniently accessed through a simple, self-explaining menu system. The combination of the ‘OvalPad’ on the top, with the six keys on the bottom, make access to the menu options simple and the convenient “-” and “+” direct access keys, allow the user to exit the auto-range mode instantly and adjust the depth range manually, without opening any menu, with the touch of a single key.

The hydrodynamic 50/200 kHz dual frequency transom mount transducer of the Condor 345c df has a built-in water surface temperature sensor, and provides excellent performance at all boating speeds, up to 40 knots. Packed in a compact housing, the Condor 345c df easily fits on any dashboard. The use of a single plug for both power and transducer means installing and removing the unit takes only a matter of seconds.

The unit dimensions are: 6.3” x 6.3” x 2.6” (160 x 160 x 65mm).