Bransfords F1-11 Minnow Lure

Our very own Slow Sinking Minnow lure
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It took almost a year of research to develop the new additions to the Bransfords Barra Buster lure range. Countless hours of field testing in the Far Norths jungle rivers fine tuning  the design of these lures to give them the right action to tempt tropical rogues such as Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark, Queenfish, Trevally and more. The results are the innoivative 'F111' and 'Stealth' hardbodied minnows - new lures that are sure to become a 'must have' item in any serious anglers tackle box.

The new Colour Range chart seen above includes both Stealth and F111 lures, as we have made sure all colours are available for both lure types.

The F111 is available in 13 stunning metallic finishes, and this deeper bodied minnow is a slow sinker, ideal for fishing the edges of weedbeds or big snags. It sinks at the rate of 1 foot every 2.5 seconds so it is easy to guage how far it gets down before you start to impart action with the rod tip, at which time the F111 springs into action with a tight left to right wiggle. As you do this the small rattle chamber gives off a sonic 'come and get me' sound that many predators just can’t resist.

This lure is also great for casting in windy, as well as calm, conditions due to the second big ball bearing chamber that projects the lure rapidly forward as you cast. A recent addition to most Japanese designed lures this is a bonus to many of us who often fish in less than perfect conditions, or for those who need to cast longer distances.

This lure is also versatile! If you want to fish it just under the surface of the water a standard retrieve sees it dive to around a metre. So just let it sink for deeper spots or retrieve soon after it hits the water for a shallower retrieve. For those who prefer to troll it has a tempting wide action and will even work when trolling at ultra slow speeds. This method often works with barra and is the sign of a well balanced, well made lure.

The metallic finish on the F111 is super tough and doesn’t flake off under normal fishing conditions, ensuring that you get a long run from this quality product.

Fitted with 4X  trebles these tried and tested lures have an introductory price of $9.99. 
Length: 10.5cm, Weight: 18gm.