Bransfords Barra Buster Lures - The Stealth

Our very own floating minnow style lure with excellent catch records for Barra, Jacks, Fingermark, Queenfish and Trevally.
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Tested by a number of the Far Norths leading guides the Stealth minnow has accounted for dozens of barra whilst field testing and has become a firm favourite will all keen barra fishermen.

At 11.5 cms in length and 16 gms weight it is the ideal size to chase most tropical species including Barra, Jacks, Fingermark, Queenfish and trevally, and with it’s separate oversize ball bearing chamber it casts a country mile and is ideal to use in windy conditions as well as when it’s calm.

This floating minnow responds well to rod tip action allowing the angler to impart a slow left to right sway that keeps the lure in the 'strike' zone longer and makes the micro rattle sing their familiar tune! Many leading anglers now employ this successful method when chasing Barra and invariably these super inquisitive predators rise to the occasion and strike the lure out of sheer aggression!

The new colour range chart seen in the picture includes both Stealth and F111 lures, as we have made sure all colours are available for both lure types.

The finish on the Stealth, as on the F111, is flawless with a choice of 13 different metallic colours. These lures are much more durable than many other minnows on the market with the ingrained finish giving much longer service.

The Stealth dives to around 1 metre and is fitted with 2 x trebles.