The origins of the first Fin-Nor gamefishing reel began in the USA at the modest Finley Norwood Machine Shop in 1933, with the first official Fin-Nor reel constructed in 1935. Since then, we’ve built world-class tackle for saltwater anglers and our reels have landed more than 380 IGFA world record fish. In fact, the world record for black marlin was set in 1953 on a Fin-Nor game reel and still stands to this day. That 1,560lb black marlin caught by Alfred Glassell Jr during the filming of Ernest Hemmingway’s The Old Man And The Sea is testament to the quality, innovation and durability that Fin-Nor anglers have enjoyed for more than 80 years.

These days, our big gamefish pedigree mixes well with modern technologies, materials and designs. It has evolved into a full range of saltwater conventional overhead and spin reels that have the power and durability to catch big fish after big fish, season after season. Our reels are made stronger than they need to be, with oversized gears, with more drag power than most anglers will use and each reel is over-protected against saltwater. We do all that so you can fish with confidence, knowing that no matter how big the next fish is, you’ve got what it takes to land your dream catch.

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