Palm Cove Jetty mudmap!

We often get asked by visitors from around Australia and overseas for any good fishing spots around. As we are based in Clifton Beach at the Northern Beaches of Cairns, it is impossible for us to not include the Palm Cove Jetty as the best and easily most accessible fishing spot in the local neighbourhood.

This often leads to a complicated explanatory session, complete with arms flailing and "as you face the ocean.." mentioned a dozen times. At times hillarious and other times frustrating for explainee and explainor, it is nevertheless a regular and constant topic of conversation in the shop.

Because our staff likes to work smarter, not harder, they decided to created a mudmap to show the visitors, as a graphic illustration of the area and where to catch fish. Penned by Troy with commentary and critique from Bruno, Matt and Andrew (lets be honest, it was mostly critique), it has been given the tick of approval by the localĀ "regulars" that have seen it too.

In the interest of the wider community, we decided to post it here on our new website for everyone to enjoy. So, here it is in all its glory! You can click the image to get a larger version suitable for printing if you wish. Remember to keep an eye on the tides too when you plan you next visit!

Enjoy, and tight lines!

A quick Mudmap of the Palm Cove Jetty