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  • A day out on the reef with Les Hiddins
    Bransfords Tackle Shop |

    A day out on the reef with Les Hiddins

    I hadn’t had my regular reef fix for some time and after chatting in the shop with Les Hiddins, whom most of you know as the Bush Tucker Man, he told me that he had never been fishing on the reef!  He loves barra fishing in the bush and some will remember a beer commercial he did with Dave Killalea casting lures, but throughout his illustrious career had not wet a line on the GBR. I booked a charter with Damo & Jake on Saltaire, who run out of Port Douglas to some of the more remote and productive fishing area.  I knew it was a three tide day but the timing dictated the day as we had family visiting from Perth and the UK, and the moon was right. Continue reading

  • Barras, Boars and a whole lot more!
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    Barras, Boars and a whole lot more!

    Heading north to fish the pristine waters of the east coast of Cape York is always a turn on, and as we made our way to a spot near Lockhart River recently my imagination ran wild thinking of that virtual Jurassic Park. Few people get to these parts, and if you are planning a trip you need to obtain permission from the landowners well in advance. Yes, they are careful who they let onto their lands due to previous bad experiences. For info on who own what properties up there, visit the local Land Department office, or search the QLD Government online services at (fees may apply). Continue reading

  • Palm Cove Jetty mudmap!
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    Palm Cove Jetty mudmap!

    We often get asked by visitors from around Australia and overseas for any good fishing spots around. As we are based in Clifton Beach at the Northern Beaches of Cairns, it is impossible for us to not include the Palm Cove Jetty as the best and easily most accessible fishing spot in the local neighbourhood.

    This often leads to a complicated explanatory session, complete with arms flailing and "as you face the ocean.." mentioned a dozen times. At times hillarious and other times frustrating for explainee and explainor, it is nevertheless a regular and constant topic of conversation in the shop. Continue reading

  • Cape Crusaders
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    Cape Crusaders

    Cape York is about the size of the British Isles. That’s over 900 K’s from Cairns to the Tip. In between lies some of the most amazing country God ever created!

    The variety of tropical woodlands, coastal flats and estuaries, swamps, sand dunes and dry timber country make it a real Jurassic Park, and how lucky are we to be in a positon to explore this fisherman's and hunters Valhalla!

    Just before the close of the barra season a mate up Mossman way asked if my son Matthew and I if we would be interested in exploring some of the more remote country around Lockhart River Continue reading

  • REDS!
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    As a fishing tragic I often get the urge to chase particular species! This is made more frustrating at times by working at Bransfords Tackle Shop where customers spill the beans on their latest captures and often just where they've hit the jackpot.

    So when Damian Colette and son Jake off 'Saltaire' start to brag about 10 kilo plus 'reds' in 50 metres not far off Port it was just too much, and I organised a trip with them the following Monday with fellow staff members Troy Ashworth and Bruno Vucas. Continue reading

  • Black Marlin with Bill Spooner
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    Black Marlin with Bill Spooner

    It had been almost a year since my last marlin fishing session on the outer reef, which resulted in 5 strikes without a hookup! We did manage a 250 pounder on a Rapala lure fitted with single hooks but that really didn't count as we were chasing 'Big Julie' not her kids!!! So I was pumped and raring to get out there this year after hearing about so many XOS Blacks stretching anglers arms. Comments like 'Best season for big fish since the early 80's' and 'There's so many Granders out here you could walk on them' drove me to the brink so I rang my old mate Bill Spooner, (of Australian Fish Mounts fame). Continue reading

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